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    There used to be this website called Dudes Off Campus. I think I started reading it in the 1990s, and I know I still looked at it as late as 2003, maybe even later. It was a repository of photos of naked men, some from college porn, but a lot of them amateur. College guys getting drunk and crazy. Initiations and stunts, naked bike rides, that sort of shit. Sometimes it was just some random photo of a guy in a dorm who was hot and sitting close to some other hot guy. The fruits of the digital camera and scanner, in their first years of plenty. 

    I loved Dudes Off Campus. I was addicted to it. I was in my mid-twenties and had already fetishized the college years in a way that had quickly spun into fantasy. I jerked off thinking about fratboy initiations, drunken dorm buddy experiments, after-hours locker-room hookups, populated by the slightly younger bros I lusted at on the streets of New York. The t-shirted, ball-capped tourist kid, or the harried NYU student. Here was a window into that world, my own roving camera peeping into a generation that was, as they said then but seem always to say, more sexually open than ever.

    Over the years, I saved photos I liked in folders marked “Dudes Off Campus” or “DOD”. They got stowed away in some corner of my documents folder for years. I’m going to post every photo I saved in those Dudes Off Campus folder, in alphanumerical order. I’m going to try to say something about each photo, or at least say something related to it, each time I post one. If you don’t like what I wrote, you can always just enjoy the photo. 

    1.jpg clearly worked for me because the guy on the right has that incredible body, and he’s posing it well, with the arm flexing as it holds him forward to piss downward—onto what? His friend is pretty ugly, but at the very least throws into relief the pissing god’s hotness. I wonder if it’s an early phone picture.